Building power to transform
local news

The Media Power Collaborative is where media workers, movement organizers and allied researchers join together to learn about journalism policy, build community and identify what it takes to win.

We provide educational resources, host discussions and facilitate workshops so people have the analysis and tools they need to better understand how public policy shapes the media system.

Join the Media Power Collaborative to learn about our country’s media system, connect with a community of leaders and build power to win change.

Join the Media Power Collaborative

Want to be in community with other leaders transforming media? Interested in learning about how public policy shapes the media system, and what you can do about it? Then sign up to join the Media Power Collaborative!

We host study groups, talks, Q&As, community discussions and more. Commitment to participate is minimal — no more than two hours every other month. If you want to get more involved, let us know and we can get to work together! 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mike Rispoli, Free Press’ senior director of journalism and civic information, at

Photo Credit: Timothy Karr